Switching Your Lighting To LED Can Save Money And Energy

In today’s society, there are a lot of households that are becoming more consciously aware of the environment around them. More individuals are turning to energy efficient solutions as a way to help improve the environment as well as save money. While in some cases the initial investment of going green can be costly, over time the benefits are tremendous. One way in which you can conserve energy or use it more efficiently is by installing LED lighting in your home. With the help of Electricians North London area, your home could look aesthetically appealing, while saving you a few extra bucks on your energy bill.

What is LED Lighting

LED is short for light emitting diode. This is essentially a small light source that is enclosed in a plastic lens. LED lighting features are very compact and are proven to be 80% more efficient than traditional methods of lighting (incandescent). It is also about ten percent more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs. So in a nutshell, LED lighting is the best form of lighting to install to save energy and money over a longer period of time.


Powerful Lighting

The good thing about LED lighting is that while it is small, it is a powerful source of light. Their low profile makes them great for placing in locations where traditional light bulbs might not fit. Another attribute that makes them so powerful is that they conserve energy by emitting light in the direction you need it as opposed to incandescent lighting which emits light in all directions.

Long Life

Another benefit to having an Electrician North London area install some LED lighting in your home is their long life expectancy. It can last thousands of hours longer than traditional lighting measures which saves you money. LED lighting can last at full power for about 30,000 to 50,000 hours as opposed to incandescent lighting which only lasts for about 700 to 2,000 hours. LED lighting also fades gradually, therefore still providing some source of light until you can replace them.

Less Heat

LED lights operate at a lower temperature than any other form of lighting. Traditional lighting can exude about 80-90% of its energy as heat. This heat then transfers throughout the house which can be a bit much during the warmer weather. LED lights on the other hand are cool while in use therefore wasting less energy and exposing your home to less heat.

These are just a few reasons to consider installing LED lighting throughout your home. For more ways to save on energy, consult with electrician quotes South London area at BF Electrical. They can assist you in finding affordable upgrades and changes that will save you significantly each month.


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